If you are currently insured, have your auto insurance policy and the declaration page handy.  The declaration page, which is often the first page of the policy, contains a description of the vehicles you have insured and the various coverages and limits of coverage you have purchased.  The insurance policy is the contract itself.  This multiple page document defines the coverages you have purchased and describes the conditions and exclusions.  If you do not have copies of these documents, contact your agent to obtain copies.

*Citizen's Insurance


  1. Make, model, and year of the vehicles you wish to insure

  2. Whether the vehicle(s) is equipped with safety and anti-theft devices

  3. Approximate annual miles driven, and if you use your car for business

  4. Name, birth date, and sex of the licensed drivers in your household

  5. Who is your current auto insurance company and how long have you been with them

  6. A history of any violations on your driving record in the last 3 – 5 years

  7. Personal information (such as your occupation, marital status, and Social Security number)


As Michigan drivers we are required, by law, to carry insurance.  When it comes to shopping, there are many ways to shop for auto insurance and numerous companies to choose from.  Many companies have websites for on-line shopping, others work through insurance agents.  Independent insurance agents often represent several different insurance carriers and may be able to give you several options as the result of just one phone call.  Whichever methods you use for shopping, you are encouraged to obtain 4 – 5 quotes for the same coverages.  You may be surprised to see significant differences in the cost among insurance companies. It is unfortunate that this practice is allowed to happen here in Michigan.  However, by shopping your policy you can ensure that you and your family get the best deal possible on auto insurance.


Listed below are links to some of the highest volume Michigan insurers. 

  1. State Farm

  2. Auto-Owners

  3. Progressive 

  4. Farm Bureau

  5. Citizens Ins Co

  6. Allstate

  7. Auto Club Group (AAA) - 800.222.6424

  8. Meemic

  9. Frankenmuth Ins

  10. USAA






Comparison Tools

  1. Progressive

  2. Geico

  3. Ratekick

  4. Everquote


Make sure the company is right for you; sometimes the cheapest is not always the best. You can search a national database of consumer complaints about insurance companies here:

You can also find statistics on Michigan complaints at:


If you shopped and saved, share your results on our Facebook page. By sharing your success, you will encourage others to shop and save.  The goal of Shop Your Policy is to motive every policy holder to better understand the insurance product they are required to buy, to safeguard themselves and their family by having the proper coverage in the event of an accident, learn that pricing for the same coverage can vary greatly among insurance companies, and to $AVE!